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Salt Lake City, UT – When you look at the world in inches, you see that wonderful achievements can be made inch by inch.  A one pound baby at Primary Children’s Medical Center is about 7 inches long.    There are 17 inches around the beautiful bald head of a 2-year-old child with cancer.  Twenty inches is the length of a little red wagon carrying a child to the playroom.  Inch by inch, miracles are created for children when you give to the Pennies by the Inch campaign for Primary Children’s Medical Center.  This is an opportunity for the community to come together so their pennies, dimes, and dollars help children who cannot help themselves.

Volunteers go door-to-door asking for donations.  For over 90 years Pennies by the Inch has supported the hospital’s mission of caring for all children without regard to a family’s ability to pay, and supported programs that enhance healing for children at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

Two-year-old Norah was born with spondyloepipheseal dysplasia congenital, a skeletal disorder.  Due to respiratory distress at birth, Norah had a tracheotomy when she was just 6 weeks old.  Following the tracheotomy, Norah’s respiratory challenges required her to stay on a ventilator used only in the Intensive Care Unit for ten months.  Her respiratory health was so fragile that Norah would turn blue during simple tasks like a diaper change.

Norah’s family is grateful to the many doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff who cared for her and saved her life.  Norah is home and “drinking in life.”  This little girl is smart, strong, and brave, and charms everyone she meets.

One hundred percent of donations to Pennies by the Inch benefit children like Norah at Primary Children’s Medical Center.  In 2012, the hospital expended nearly $13 million to cover 12,571 hospital visits by children in need.   Physicians donate their services to charity care patients.  Every penny raised helps children through charity care, music therapy, bereavement counseling, and specialized equipment needed to manage anxiety and pain, and more.

Primary Children’s is the only full-service children’s hospital in the Intermountain West.  The hospital offers cutting edge medical care in over sixty subspecialties -- from diabetes to Down’s syndrome and asthma to orthopedics.  The hospital’s 289 beds cradle the most critically ill and injured children who require the most sophisticated medical care.  In addition, Primary Children’s is one of only 12 Level I Pediatric Trauma Centers in the nation and the only pediatric trauma center in its service area.

Pennies by the Inch is organized by an all-volunteer committee chaired by Irma Blake, Draper; with Peggy Bateman, South Weber; Sandy Jones, Centerville; Kay Cullimore, Cottonwood Heights; and Amy Murray, Riverton.  A volunteer organization in each neighborhood conducts the door-to-door campaign.

You can help children at Primary Children’s Medical Center by making a contribution in the following ways:  give your donation to the volunteer who comes to your door; online at; call 801.662.5965 or 800.762.7262 for credit card donations; or mail to Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation, P.O. Box 58249, Salt Lake City, UT 84158.

For more information, call 801.662.5965 or 800.762.7262, or visit

(This is the only door-to-door campaign conducted by Primary Children’s Medical Center.)





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